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More Website Promotion

Even though the basics of website promotion don't change - creating content, and building in-bound links - the ways of going about doing so change all the time. And that's why extending your education past the basics of website promotion is recommended (in my humble opinion). Yes, some of these resources are not free - but they're worth it nevertheless!


More Website Promotion!

So you understand the basics of website promotion - what next?

Well - to be blunt! - you could pay for website promotion advice: I can highly recommend subscribing to Planet Ocean's Search Engine News Optimization & Marketing, and Mike Grehan provides definitive information in his Search Engine Marketing ebook (see below for details of both).

However there are other free ways to promote your web site, and some of these other methods may well suit your website better. These include:


Promoting little and often is really the key in the long run, I believe. Website promotion is never over. I know it's dull to say, but it's true!

And how about the following 2 resources that will help you stay ahead when it comes to website promotion, search engine marketing - call it what you will.


Planet Ocean's Search Engine News Optimization & Marketing

Search Engine News

To quote Planet Ocean: "Since 1997, revealing the cutting edge search engine marketing & optimization strategies to rank your website on top of the search results."

Again, this is an industry standard publication. Chances are your competitors are subscribers to this newsletter, that each month lets you know what's happening in the search engine marketing world.

I'm currently a subscriber to Planet Ocean's paid-for newsletter and (I like to think that) it really continues on from the website promotion advice I provide for free on . If you want to learn more, to promote more as it were, then I recommend that you subscribe to Planet Ocean's Search Engine News Optimization & Marketing. Simple as that.


Reminder: This page is about more website promotion methods that work -- please share this page!  


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