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Link Building

Building incoming links is more important than ever these days. Yes, it's okay to do reciprocal linking but one-way inbound links are better. And avoid linking to so-called bad neighbourhoods, or using link-building software (yuck!).


Link Building - Tips & Strategies That Work!

Link building is more important than ever to the success of your website.

Most site owners know that successfully promoting any website is a matter of getting on-page criteria right - whether the page is optimised for search engines, page title you use etc. - as well as getting the off-page criteria right.

And one of the most important off-page criteria is how many websites link to your site, or rather how many important websites link to your site.

What is an important website?

Well, it's a website that the search engines (like Google) trust; a website that belongs to good or even important neighbourhoods.

For example an important website:

  • could be a website like, or,
  • or it could be a directory site like
  • or it could be a blogger directory like
  • or it could be a site with high Google Page Rank
  • or it could be the best freebie site in the world (
  • or it could be a site belonging to an educational institute like Oxford University.

Note: as important, if not more important than getting a link from an important website is not linking to sites from so-called bad neighbourhoods!)


=== Recommended ===

Learn more about building links here...

  1. I now maintain my links pages according to the principles of Dr. Ken Evoy's free ebooklet Make Your Links Work.

  2. I'm not really a fan of reciprocal linking programs, per se, but the exception to the rule is SiteSell's Value Exchange link exchange program. I use this service with 3 of my sites - I register 3 times, and have provided 3 sets of keywords to find suitable matches for.

    You won't get hundreds of inbound links with Value Exchange, but you will be able to swap links with a few highly targeted, non-competitive sites.

=== Recommended ===


Link Building Strategies

Why should someone want to link to your website in the first place?

Bear in mind that the best possible way to link building is to create a website with wow!, so that they want to link to your site, then you will not go far wrong. (It is no surprise that Amazon, Microsoft and Myspace are some of the most linked-to web-properties.)

So, having said that, several link building strategies include:

  • Using link building services
    This might mean using software or it might mean paying for someone to start a link building campaign. I recommend that you try and get proof that the service works first.

    An example service is that has a directory submission service offers manual directory submission, article submission ,link building and blog submission service at a very affordable cost.

  • Paying for links
    Paying for a link on a directory is sometimes a good idea. (See this search engine submission page). However, there are many websites that allow you to buy links from their sites simply because they have high Google Page Rank. Unfortunately, this is becoming a way to get banned from search engines. Proceed with caution.

  • Article marketing
    Write helpful articles that other site users are glad to put on their website and include a link back to your site in your article resource box - see how to write an article. (It is best not to include this article on your site.)

  • Reciprocal linking or swapping links
    I think it's fine to swap links every now and then, but no longer is this a viable strategy to build incoming links to your website on a large scale (in my humble opinion).

    The best way to swap links, though - and the only method I use these days - is to use SiteSell's Value Exchange link exchange program. Value Exchange allows you to target suitable sites via a set of keywords that match your site. It then generates matches of sites you may want to swap with, and allows you to say yes or no to the swap. If you say yes, then it sends the site owner in question a polite email (NOT a spammy email, and the site owner is expecting the contact), and can both take it from there.

    Value Exchange is very useful in generating a few targeted reciprocal links.


Building links is very important and there are many strategies you can use to do so - see get people to link to your site. Always remember, though, that you must build high-quality links into your site, every week, every month and every year.

Think of inventive ways to get links, and avoid reciprocal linking if at all possible.

And, sometimes, link to a high-quality site without asking for a link back in return.

(No, that was not a hint! ;-) )


Reminder: This page is about using link building to promote your website -- please share this page!  


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