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Internet Marketing SEO Services

Sometimes, when it comes to internet marketing seo (search engine optimization), you need to hire the professionals. So you'll find a carefully selected (but growing) list of seo services and firms offering specialists, consultants, training and even pay per click management should your company need it.

Solo Build It!

When it comes to internet marketing seo (search engine optimization) is this you?...

  • You don't want to learn and become a search engine optimization specialist (but some essential seo training might be nice)

    Or, even if you don't mind learning...

  • You can't be bothered to do it yourself (you want to hire seo services or a good seo company)!


  • You still want to get more visitors to your website!

Well, if this is you, or the position of your online business, then I have a professional solution:

  • Let someone else promote your website for you.
    (Use an seo firm, or seo expert or consultant!)

Let someone else provide...

...Believe it or not, I too would prefer someone else to promote my sites for me. It gets harder to get free traffic from search engines, and I would prefer to concentrate on my business than become an seo expert.

How about you and your business?

Maybe your business needs to talk to an seo firm or seo consultant of some kind too!...


Search Engine Optimisation SEO

SEO search engine optimisation is not rocket-science, but it can take a lot of your valuable time. And, even if you do take the time, you probably will not do the job as well as a professional seo expert or specialist.

The trouble is, there are many, many seo marketing firms to choose from. You find them doing a search on Google. Or, these optimization services ring you up and offer their services directly. But who can you trust to do a good job?

My advice is that you should use a service recommended by someone (like me), rather than risking your money on a service that might use inappropriate methods or - even worse - might just take the money and run!

At the moment, these are the services I can recommend:

(By the way, I would also advise that you at least learn the basics of search engine optimization, first.)

  • 22M

    22M have several years experience in graphics, web design and multimedia production. But what interests you is that they are also specialists in internet marketing seo (or search engine marketing), and website optimisation (SEO)

    So, if you're looking for a company with a sound understanding of the basics in search marketing as well as safe, but innovative methods to get your website to the top of the search engines, then you should contact 22M.

    (Tell 'em I sent you, eh! My name is Steve M Nash, remember! ;-) )

More recommended search engine optimisation resources

  • Site Build It! - Yes, this all-in-one site creation and hosting tool, also provides free search engine optimisation for your web pages. And now you can pay SiteSell Services to build your 'website that works' for you!

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SEO Training or Consultation

I like the idea of seo training because it empowers the business owner somewhat and allows them to reduce their costs as they learn to the basics of seo optimization.

Obviously the first seo training resource I would suggest is HowIPromoteMyWebsite - a regularly-updated, free website promotion guide recommended by many (not just me!)

And you can get more advance training and even seo consulting from the following sources:

  • 22M
    Google Adwords consultancy from a qualified Google Advertising Professional

  • Recommended SEO Training
    (As recommended by Google! Ahem.) Right now, I have little experience of SEO training other than 22M, so I shall point you in the direction of a Google search. Look for testimonials, and 2012 search results.

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You will also find some seo services and other promotion links here!


That's it, for now. I do intend to update this page when I can, so do come back, eh!

Good luck.


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