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Pay Per Click Tools

Pay-per-click tools help you get the most from pay-per-click search engines - see tools listed below - and keyword generation tools likewise help you with your keyword research (a vital process these days).

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Pay Per Click Search Engine Tools and Resources

Pay per click tools and resources let you get the most from your pay-per-click search engine campaigns. Below you will find a review of the free Keyword Masters course, and resources that will help you make more profit from Google AdWords and overture.

This pay per click tools page will continue to develop. If you can think of some good resources then please let me know!


Google AdWords:

If you want to learn much more about Google AdWords then I can recommend the following learning resources:


Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture):

If you want to manage your Yahoo! Search Marketing campaign, then one of the best tools to use is Atlas One Point's Bid Manager. Learn more here!



Sooner or later, you have to start generating keywords. And if you want to save time (and money) then you need to automate this process, somehow. The following software solutions are recommended:

  • WordTracker   
    Free trial exists for WordTracker but paying for a month's usage (US$69) is more advisable for serious keyword generation. (Read my review of Wordtracker here...)

  • Site Build It!
    Site Build It! is an all-in-one site building tool that includes a fantastic keyword research tool (that utilises Wordtracker, by the way) called Brainstorm It! And even if you didn't build a Site Build It! website costing $299 per year, Brainstorm It! would still be worth the asking price for relevant keyword generation it really would. State of the net. Really. (Has to be used on your SBI! websites, though!)

And it would be remiss of me if I did not mention the following keyword generation resources (wouldn't it!):


Reminder: This page is about pay per click tools to use in promoting your website with pay-per-click search engines -- please share this page


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