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Most Searched Keywords...

(Page Last Updated: 24th April, 2017)

It's all about the keywords - the most searched keywords! Everyone responsible for promoting their website knows this.And this page is about using the wordtracker tool to find those most searched keywords.

And if you don't - if you don't know the answer to the question, 'what are keywords?' - then please visit my page on search engine optimisation, and come back when you do.


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Yes, finding (and making use of) those top search keywords is what it's all about in terms of internet marketing for the small to medium business online. (Sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter came up with such a great idea that search needs them!)

But how to find keywords, then? Where to begin? Well, this page is all about the keyword tool I recommend you use to find the best keywords for your site.


How to Find Most Searched Keywords - Use Wordtracker

It's all very well knowing what the most searched keywords are, but if they're not relevant to your business then this knowledge is worthless. For example...

Most Searched Keywords - Examples (from 2010)

On Google, in 2010 the top search keywords were:

  1. ipad
  2. chatroulette
  3. iphone 4
  4. world cup
  5. justin bieber
  6. myxer
  7. facebook
  8. grooveshark
  9. glee
  10. mocospace

And on Bing, in 2010 the top keyword searches were:

  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. Sandra Bullock
  3. Tiger Woods
  4. Lady Gaga
  5. Barack Obama
  6. Hairstyles
  7. Kate Gosselin
  8. Walmart
  9. Justin Bieber
  10. Free


More 'most searched keywords' (2010) on Google...

And even if you look at the top 1000 keywords rather than this top 10 list, you still have the same problem. Most searched keywords are only relevant for your business (in terms of getting free traffic to your site) IF and only if...

  • The keywords relate to your business
  • The keywords are not too competitive
  • Ideally, if those keywords are 'buying' keywords

Enter keyword research tools - e.g. Wordtracker - that help you determine exactly that..


Top Keyword Searches - Use Wordtracker

"Find the Best Keywords for Your Business
and Drive More Traffic to Your Website!

That's the motto of the company, Wordtracker, founded by British-born brothers Mike and Andy Mindel over 12 years ago. And I guess it's a motto that has served its customers well in that time, including customers like me who have purchased subscriptions to Wordtracker at various times.

Essentially, Wordtracker is the first keyword tool I ever heard of years ago, before tools to find the best keywords became all the rage. Wordtracker allows you to find the most searched keywords, relevant to your business niche, by accessing its easy-to-navigate ever-evolving extensive database of keywords.

But why Wordtracker, exactly?

  • You can target all the long-tail keywords you want

  • You can target buying keywords

  • You can decide whether a keyword is worth targeting in the first place using Wordtracker's KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index)

  • You have access to support should you need it (something you don't get using the free Google keyword tool I mention below, for example)

  • You can use Wordtracker up to 30 days and get your money back, no questions asked, should you not be happy


As no less than Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan puts it:

"If you are serious about search engine optimization,
then Wordtracker is an essential investment..."

-- Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land


Without having access to the top keyword data - whether it's the top 1000 keywords, the best keywords, or the 'most searched keywords' (yes, I did keyword research to create this page, can you tell!!) - then your pages are nowhere, not found, un-visited. And thus the same fate will befall your website.

And I recommend Wordtracker as the keyword research tool of choice...


How much does Wordtracker cost?

Well, you can either buy a one-month subscription costing between US$20.25, $51.75 or US$74.25 (at time of last update), or you can buy a years' subscription costing US$336 or US$480 (at time of last update)..
Check out Wordtracker here!

Or there's a free 7-day trial should you want to try Wordtracker out first! (You will need to get your credit card out, though to start your trial - and cancel within 7 days to pay nothing.)


So, how to find keywords: use Wordtracker!

I've used Wordtracker on and off for many years and have no hesitation recommending it now to help you find the most searched keywords suitable for your website. These top keyword searches really can make all the difference between success and failure.

(Yes, it's important to build inbound links to this content, AND it's important to make your content compelling, but ranking well on search engines like Google is going to be a lot easier if you get this keyword research right at the beginning.)

I recommend you use Wordtracker to find the best keywords for your site - the most searched keywords that are not too competitive - and slowly, page by page, start to generate more and more traffic to your site.

Start your subscription at Wordtracker here...


Alternatives to Wordtracker?

There are, of course, alternatives keyword research tools to Wordtracker. I have little or no experience of these so-called keyword generators (other than the last in the list) and will only list a few of the most popular tools that help you find the most searched keywords:

  • Google Keyword Tool (free)

    The Google Adwords keyword tool
    is most popular amongst advertisers using Google's AdWords service, but it can be used to understand keyword volumes - the top keyword data, if you like - WITHOUT, however, an insight into how much competition a particular keyword has (see Wordtracker's KEI index). Not great for so-called long-tail keywords either (majority of search terms, if truth be told)


    Keyword Country
    costs $49 per month, comes with a free trial, compares favourably to other tools (including Wordtracker) - according to Keyword Country, anyway - provides informative videos, and looks like a VERY serious keyword tool indeed.

  • KeywordDiscovery.Com

    Keyword Discovery
    compiles keyword search stats from all the major search engines AND includes KEI competitive analysis too. Unlike Google Adwords tool, Keyword Discovery isn't free (costs from $69.95 per month) but does come with free trial

  • SiteSell's SBI! (Brainstorm It!)

    (or Site Build It!) is much more than a keyword research tool. It's actually an all-in-one internet business building software that includes its own keyword research tool (Brainstorm It!). If you're thinking about beginning your website then I can highly recommend SBI! (costs $299 per year), but the keyword research tool cannot be used on its own so probably won't suit those with a pre-existing website.



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