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Learn more about the author of this site, Steve M Nash, how this site was created, and find a contact email address too (as well as a link to great ebook called Why People Fail)...

Photo of Steve M Nash - "Hello Mum!"
Hello, my name is Steve M Nash
and I am the site owner and webmaster at several websites including, HowIPromoteMyWebsite,, and many others.

About Us - About Me, Steve M Nash...

I am responsible for promoting my websites and have been ever since I first started designing and promoting them in 1998.

Like you, probably, I got frustrated with reading confusing, hard-to-use and often conflicting advice about website promotion. And I still get tired of discovering tricks - tricks that, as soon as you use them, don't work any more! (In 2011, you'd think it would get easier but no!)

"Just show me the website promotion basics that work!"

That's what I said, back in 2001, and that's how I came up with - a free website promotion guide (that reveals the basics) for all!

And, if this review from UK magazine Internet Advisor is anything to go by, then it looks like I've succeeded! :-)

"It's unusual to find so much
practical and genuine advice
given away for free online."
- Internet Advisor

5 star rating - image of steve nash in internet advisor magazine


Yes, Internet Advisor, a popular UK magazine, took a look at my website promotion guide in and gave me a [an error occurred while processing this directive]


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