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All About Site Build It!...

"SBI is like a 'paint-by-numbers' Internet success kit"
-- Ron from SBI site

What the heck is Site Build It! then, and why should YOU be interested?

The Site Build It! BoxWell, simply put, Site Build It! (SBI!) is the site building service (and web host) behind, and it has been so since I created the site in 2001.

"Big deal, there are lots of ways to build a website, so what!" I hear you say...

Yes, that is true, but SBI! is much more than a site builder, much more than a web host. In fact, I'd go as far to say that SBI! is a unique all-in-one internet business-building software service, that both beginners and web professionals can use to earn an extra (or even full-time) income online.

And if you carry on reading I hope I can explain how this is the case. But first, a video that will help you understand SBI! better...

Whilst this video does a good job of explaining the overall 'picture' of SBI!, it really is quite difficult to sum up (in words, anyway) just what SBI! is and does!

So I thought I'd try and explain what SBI! provides you - a website that works - and then go on to discuss how SBI! works, and what you get with SBI!. I also thought it important to explain what you DON'T get, too.

Then you'll have a much better understanding of whether SBI! is something you think you could use to earn an extra income online; whether you want to use SBI! to promote an existing business, or start a brand new one.

So let's get going...


Build A 'Website That WORKS'...

If you know anything about websites, and marketing them - and I'm thinking you know at least a little about this, or you wouldn't be trying to learn more at - then you know that building the website is the easy bit, of succeeding online. (And creating a blog is even easier!)

The hard part, with any website (or blog), is getting targeted site visitors - and lots of them - to visit your site.

That is what I refer to as a website that WORKS.

To me, a website works if it does the following 2 things:

  1. It allows you to successfully share a passion or an interest to others, in a way that site visitors benefit - they love your content - and you benefit (see 2.)

    NOTE: a successful website does not require you to be an expert in SEO (search engine optimization) unless, of course, you want to be one of those! ;-)

  2. It allows you to profit from your passion or interest (via your website) in the way that you define profit. That could mean an extra income from advertising using Google Adsense; a full-time income from a combination of Google Adsense and affiliate marketing; an opportunity for you to create and sell your own products; a way to generate leads for your off-line business, etc. etc.

    NOTE: a successful website does not feel like work or a JOB. That means, unlike most JOBs, you actually enjoy working on your site because it's about a topic of interest to you.

    (You'll find a great list of business ideas here

And that is what SBI! is all about.

Yes, SBI! allows you to create a content-based website, around a hobby or topic of interest to you, based on world-class keyword research, and with all the site-building tools you'll need (whether beginner or web professional), using a step-by-step Action Guide, and with access to support from fellow SBIers in a success-focussed private forum. (Note: you also get technical support from SiteSell, should you need it, the company that operate SBI!)

So SBI! enables you to create a website that works, where much of the promotion/marketing is done for you, already.

...Website Promotion The 'Easy' Way

Yes, you'll still need to do article marketing, get involved with social marketing, and do any of the things you do now to successfully promote your website, but it will not feel like you're walking 'up the hill backwards' (to quote a David Bowie song lyric). And that's because SBI! sites are:

  • Built around in-demand topics, with little website supply - so it's easier to rank on search engines like Google. (Keyword research, via the ever-evolving Brainstorm It! tool, is an integral part of coming up with your site concept, as well as knowing what pages to build, and how to structure your site.)

  • Optimised for search engines via the Analyze It! module

  • Automatically submitted to major search engines
    (The World Submitter tool tracks the spiders of the major search engines, again automatically, and submits your pages to sites if the spiders haven't visited or if the page has dropped from the search engine.)

  • Reported on automatically via Search Engine spider/listing/ranking reports which let you see how your pages are being handled by the Search Engines.

  • Able to participate fully in the excellent Value Exchange (VE) link exchange program, which contains SBI! and non-SBI! sites (as well as comprehensive reporting as to whether sites are still linking or not)


1) SBI! is compatible with popular HTML editors (e.g. Dreamweaver) and image tools (e.g. Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash, etc.), so you can easily use advanced page-building techniques, if you like. And the block-by-block builder is perfect for beginners.

2) SBI! comes with unlimited Customer Support. And the private SBI! Forums are the friendliest help-and-be-helped set of forums I've experienced. (Actually, they're almost too comprehensive! On first look, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the help and support available. But if you follow the Action Guide (see below) and take things one at a time, and ask questions as you need to, then you'll find the forums a goldmine of useful, timely help.)


...Anyway, I could go on. There are many tools included with SBI!, all aimed at allowing you to successfully create, market and profit from your website. Yes, SBI! really does include all the tools and a proven process required to build a long-term, profitable e-business.

So let's take a look inside SBI! and see how SBI! works...


How Site Build It! Works!

Site Build It! is an all-in-one site-building service, that anyone can use, that includes hosting and all the techie tools you need, that... helps you build, promote and profit from a website that works!

Okay, you already know that, but it still doesn't explain the how. Okay, here goes with that, then...

SBI! sites are built using a proven process called C-T-P-M, which basically boils down to:

  • Content
    People are looking for information, most of the time, after all.

  • Traffic
    If you build pages around in-demand topics, with little demand- e.g., as I did with my second SBI! site ( and this example page: top 10 fears) - then it's easier to rank highly on search engines like Google

  • Presell
    The content you write should be in your voice, with your perspective on the particular subject, and it should be written with the site visitor in mind. Overdeliver free content, and thus build trust in you and your website. (You can learn about preselling in this free download, actually, called Make Your Content PREsell!)

  • Monetize
    And if you do the C-T-P properly, there are many, many ways you can monetize, or make money from, your site visitors.

(By the way, most people who build websites start with the M, and that's where they go wrong!)

And this CTPM process is easy to follow IF you follow the SBI! Action Guide.

Yes, the comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating (and succeeding with) your site - the SBI! Action Guide - MUST BE FOLLOWED, even if you think you know better!


Go to


Okay, in this next section I want to explain why I, a site building 'veteran' of over 10 years, use Site Build It!...

So... Why I Say 'Yes!' to Site Build It!

I've been designing and building my own websites since 1998. I used Allaire Homesite at first, then upgraded to the (almost-)WYSIWYG interface of Dreamweaver. And I've been making a living from these websites since, ooh, 2001! (Most of these money-making sites were not created using SBI!, by the way, but it was easier back then, also.)

In short: I know how to build, promote and profit from websites.

I also know that it's one thing to succeed with a website - and it's much, much more difficult to do so in 2011/12 than it was in 2002, believe me! - and it's another thing to maintain that success.

So, the old way of 'succeeding' with your website (if you're lucky!) requires:

  1. Knowing how, exactly, to build, promote and profit from a site that is optimised for the search engines and is written well enough for site visitors

  2. Keeping up-to-date with everything to do with Search Engine Optimization (and Social Media Optimisation) and everything else you needed to know to allow you to do 1.

  3. Staying motivated, despite all the time you have to spend doing 1. and 2.

  4. Staying focussed, despite being bombarded by newsletter and ezine offers all promising to help you do 1. 2. and 3. (Ah, if only you knew which of the 100 newsletters you have to read contained the information that's actually helpful for where you are now!)

And please don't forget that you'll also need to know how to use form-building tools, how to integrate web 2.0 tools into your site, and how to do keyword research etc. in the first place!

Okay, the new way of succeeding with your website - for me, anyway, and I politely suggest for you, too - is to use Site Build it!. Then all you have to do is this:

  1. Read, follow and implement the SBI! Action Guide
  2. Subscribe to Site Build It! Xpress - "Keeping Your Focus On Business"
  3. Go back to 1. ;-)

Yes, incredibly, all of the 'old ways of succeeding with your website' (and more) is covered by following the '10-day' SBI! Action Guide, and subscribing to Site Build It! Xpress! (which is free).


And all of this, whether you have good site-building skills or not!


Okay, Some Provisos About Site Build It!

Okay, some warnings about Site Build It!...

  • Yes, with Site Build It!, it takes time for you to get your website up-and-running (the early days of SBI! are mostly spent in planning and 'getting it right'.)

  • Yes, you don't get to use FTP or Perl/CGI programs (there's no need - SBI! offers all the tools a successful content-based website needs)

  • And, yes, all you really have to do is read, and follow the step-by-step instructions contained within the SBI! Action Guide... But this is not as straightforward as you think: you have to be determined not to get distracted!

  • SBI! costs US$299 per year, though there is currently a monthly payment option of US$29.99. (Though when you look at the tools you get, and compare it what you'd get for that money, if you got your tools from here, there and everywhere, this cost is a bargain, in my opinion...)


Look, I'm not going to kid you that your success awaits. Just buy SBI!, follow the instructions, and then in a year's time, you'll be rich, rich, rich! An internet business is like an offline business, and there are many factors that determine success, or otherwise.

  • If you choose the wrong niche (too broad, or too narrow) then you're going to struggle.
  • If you hurry to make money without writing the great content then you're going to struggle.
  • If you give up because it's taking longer than you thought it would then you're REALLY going to struggle.
  • If you take your time, however, and follow the Action Guide closely, then you'll do all right - provided of course you provide Brain, Attitude and Motivation to what you're doing.

So I still think SBI! is the best way to succeed online, right now!

As for you, and what you do now - I at least hope that this page has helped you decide whether Site Build It! could help you succeed online...


...Get Started with Site Build It, Today - Risk Free!

I suggest the best way to know if SBI! is for you is to give it order it risk-free, today! You can use SBI! for up to 90 days, risk-free, and get your money back if you think it all sounds like a bit too much like hard work (and you might!).

I firmly believe in SBI! as a great way to succeed online, I really do. I wonder if, one day, you'll agree with me...

  1. Compare SBI! with more traditional web hosts, or

  2. Visit the Site Build It! Sales Site, or

  3. Order SBI! today - risk free!


And if you still have questions about SBI! - ask them here! Whatever your SBI question is about, it will be answered by a real-life SBI owner as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading about Site Build It! :-)


PS Again, SBI! has a no-risk, 90-day money back guarantee. And if you decide that SBI! is not for you after that - and you might! - then you get a pro-rata refund after the first 90 days.

PPS You can let them build your SBI! site for you, should you not have the time yourself. SiteSell Services offer such a Do It For You service - details here...

"Only Site Build It can turn your passion into a business and make your business a passion." -- Harvey from SBI site



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