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Reciprocal Link

Reciprocal linking ain't what it used to be, but finding relevant sites to swap links with is still worth your time and effort - just about! Use link-popularity tools to help, if you like, but always, always be professional when you ask to link-swap. Remember, the harder it is to get the link the more valuable it is for your website. (So avoid automated software if you can!)

Ideally, it is better to build one-way incoming links if at all possible (but you knew that, eh! ;-)
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Reciprocal Link To Boost Your Website Traffic!

Reciprocal linking is another name for swapping links. You link to my site and I link to yours: we have swapped links, or set up a reciprocal link.

Sometimes, if you have a fantastic website, people just link to it; just like that.


Most of the time though, you have to spend time finding suitable sites to swap links with. It could be time well spent, however, as search engines are beginning to take notice of how many links point to your site (especially from sites with similar content).

So where do you begin, what tools can you use, and how do you go about successfully swapping links?

Use this resource

Visit This website simply asks you to fill in the URL (web address) of your site, and then provides you with an inbound link report from the 3 major search engines: Bing, Google and Yahoo!

Just like that. Easy

NOTE: Planet Ocean offers a Site Strength Indicator, which includes inbound links etc., but this tool isn't free. You only get access to it via subscription to their Search Engine News ebook and monthly emails. (And I recommend you subscribe, as I do - it really is the best way to stay completely up to date with all things 'website promotion' - but cost may well be a factor!)


Or visit these links


Then reciprocal link!

The basics of swapping links go as follows:

  1. Identify sites with similar content to yours (or sites that you would like to link to!)

  2. Send an e-mail suggesting that both your sites could benefit from a reciprocal link (be polite, and address the webmaster by name). It helps to put your link up before you contact him/her.

  3. Don't spend too much time with creating reciprocal links - most of your requests will go ignored; building reciprocal links is an ongoing process.

Once people begin to reply to your e-mail, create a "Links" section on your site and put all the links there

The best way to reciprocal link? Use SiteSell's Value Exchange.

Value Exchange works by letting you target suitable sites via a set of keywords that match yours. (All sites have agreed to be part of the program, so there's no chance of getting unwanted spammy link exchange emails.) VE then generates matches of sites you may want to swap with, and allows you to say yes or no to the swap. If you say yes, then it sends the site owner in question a polite email and you both take it from there.

Value Exchange is very useful in generating a few targeted reciprocal links. It's the ONLY service I use, in fact!


Even do it yourself

For the programmers out there, you might like to try and manage your links with this great free Perl/CGI script (it even spots the cheats): Master Reciprocal Links

There are many other Perl/CGI scripts that can help. Visit this great CGI resource and do a search for "swap links" -


Remember that reciprocal linking is not an instant cure to your website promotion woes; but reciprocal linking CAN HELP! As the links to your site increase, traffic to your site will increase too, and your search engine ranking may well improve also! (Especially so if your pages have gone through a basic search engine optimization process.)


Reminder: This page shows you how to reciprocal link to promote your website -- please share this page


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